In creating Sanctuary Wealth's platform, we have built value-added solutions and services

from the bottom-up by answering the specific needs of our advisors. Our toolbox is managed by Sanctuary's Advisor Solutions Group. We offer administrative support, outsourced services and access to world class resources.

Advisor Solutions

The Sanctuary Advisor Solutions Group is a relationship-driven team of highly specialized professionals committed to giving our partner firms the customized, concierge service they need to accelerate growth. The Group’s offerings are designed to meet and surpass the platform expectations of advisors joining us from both independent and wirehouse environments. The goal is to give you the confidence that our solutions exceed what you’ve had access to in the past, so you’re empowered to drive additional revenue-generating opportunities for growth.

Advisor Experience

To enhance the operating success you’ll enjoy on the Sanctuary platform, we provide a number of services and resources that will elevate your ability to grow your business. The Sanctuary senior leadership team is committed to ensuring that our advisors’ experience helps them fulfill the full potential of their practice. From organizational best practices to marketing and business development support, we work side by side with partner firms as they pursue every opportunity for growth.

Infrastructure Support

It can be easy to take for granted basic administrative functions when you’re operating a top-performing advisory firm. But at Sanctuary, we know exactly how important those services are to ensure your process, procedures and customer service are delivered seamlessly. We’ve marshalled all the right sources to provide you with dependable infrastructure support.

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